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Publication time:2019.07.22 15:33:27

On January 3, 2019, the NationalEngineering Research Center for Light Alloy Precision Molding (Guangdong HongtuSub-center) and Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. - National ResearchCenter for Light Alloy Precision Forming Engineering were held in GuangdongHongtu Company. The opening ceremony of the industrial application base. AcademicianDing Wenjiang and Professor Peng Liming of Shanghai Jiaotong University, DeputyDirector of Xie Bingquan of Zhaoqing Science and Technology Bureau, KongQingfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Gaoyao District, Deng Hongan,Deputy Director of Gaoyao District, and Gaoyao District Economic and TradeBureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Jindu Town Leaders of relevantdepartments, Xu Feiyue, President of Guangdong Hongtu Company, Mo Jianzhong,Vice President and General Manager of Die Casting Division, and managementpersonnel of Die Casting (headquarters) and technical backbone of theEngineering Center attended the event.

At the ceremony, Xu Feiyue, thepresident of the company,